Thursday, December 08, 2011

Barter Your Goods and Services For Marketing and Selling Your Home

Armstrong Field Real Estate is now a member of New England Trade - a business bartering group that serves New England with affiliations across the United States. What does that mean for you? If you own a business, and want to sell your home or business, we will represent you and market your Massachusetts home (or business) for no cash out of your pocket! You trade your services or goods for it. Now many of us already do some private bartering with other business owners. But if you are an electrician who does a $1,000 job for someone that owns a dog grooming business, well, you probably don't need $1,000 work of dog shampooing and styling. What happens with New England Trade is the $1000 gets credited to your account, which you can then spend with any of their other members - and there are literally thousands of different products and services available. See a sampling here:

What are some the advantages of bartering through a trade group?

  • You will receive new customers who would not normally do business with you. New England Trade members tend to travel longer distances then your regular customers because they would rather pay in trade credits.
  • You can buy things that you need for your business - office equipment and service, printing, advertising, bookkeeping, web design, etc. on trade, and save your cash for the utility bills and rent.
  • Increase your inventory turnover of billing hours.
  • Fill up your slow times with business you normally wouldn't receive.
  • Barter credits can be used regionally and nationally.
  • Take a vacation on Trade (I've been on a cruise to Bermuda and a trip to Jamaica on trade with a previous business)
There are many more advantages. So if you own a business of any kind, and you want to sell your home, call me and I will explain how it works. If you don't want to sell your Massachusetts home or business (at least not now), but would like more information on joining this trade group, contact Tammy Penny at New England Trade at 781-388-9200.

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