Thursday, January 28, 2010

Massachusetts Home Prices Increase in December 2009

The sale prices of single family homes and condominiums in Massachusetts increase by double digit percentages in December 2009 over the same period in 2008. With help from the home buyer tax credit incentive, the average sale price increased 10.9 percent. This was the first double digit increase in home prices in over 4 years.

The number of units sold in December was also up over the previous year. There were 3007 single family homes sold in Massachusetts, a 14.6% increase over 2008. Condominiums had even higher numbers, with a 31.7% increase in units sold year over year.

Inventory levels have gone done for the 21st month in a row. A year ago we had 9.6 months supply of single family homes and 11.3 months supply of condos. Last month we had 7.2 months supply of singles families and only 5.6 months supply of condos.

Monthly numbers don't mean as much as yearly figures do because of short term fluctuations in the market. But the yearly figures look pretty good also. Sales of single family homes for 2009 were up by 4.1% over 2008. Although the median sale price was down 6.8%, much of the drop in price came from the beginning of the year. The number of homes on the market was down almost 16% over 2008.

Jim Armstrong

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