Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do I need a REALTOR? A Question From a Home Buyer.

Question: I'm paying cash for a home, so I don't need a REALTOR, right?
- Rachel from Texas
Answer: Paying cash would be even more of an incentive to use a REALTOR. You will not have any other professionals, other than the closing attorney, to help protect your interests and investment. Our job isn't just to show a person properties, but to help out in all aspects of a home purchase. The last thing you want to do when buying a home is to deal directly with the listing agent. That agent represent the seller of the home, and is trying to get the best deal for his/her client. That means he/she is going to try to get as much of that cash from you as possible. A REALTOR Buyer Agent, on the other hand is there to protect you and help you pay the least amount for a home. Your REALTOR also provides a host of other services, also. Best of all, there is no cost to you for the service!
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