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Choosing a Home Inspector

Choosing a Home Inspector

Among the contingencies written into your offer for your dream home, none are more important than the home inspection clause. With this, you are legally permitted to obtain a complete inspection of the property to check for any unknown problems that could end up busting your budget. From foundation issues to outdated, unsafe electrical systems, issues discovered during a home inspection could save you a ton of time and money when deciding whether to acquire a new piece of property. With this in mind, don’t trust just anyone to give you an all-clear on the condition of a property. Just as you took the time to find the perfect property for your needs, you should put proper effort into ensuring the qualifications and trustworthiness of a home inspector before trusting his or her word on the condition of your potential home. So, where do you start when searching for a great home inspector? Let’s take a look at some methods for ensuring that your inspector is the best available for your needs.

In the best case scenario, you’ll search for an inspector before submitting an offer on a home. By doing so beforehand, you can take your time when meeting inspectors and avoid restrictive time constraints.

With your offer on a home accepted, the clock begins ticking on your period to get a home inspection. With tight deadlines and high pressure come less opportunities to interview and analyze home inspector options. According to Front Door, finding an inspector before locating and offering on your dream property is the best way to remove the pressure to hire the first inspector that comes your way. Taking the time to find the best inspector to fit your needs is definitely a worthy venture, as his or her report on the condition of your home could be your last opportunity to find potential problems before signing a purchase contract on the property.

For a list of experienced inspectors with which to begin your search, depend on the knowledge of your real estate agent, as well as friends and family, to avoid wasting time with unqualified, unprofessional options.

In addition to various online home inspector review databases, home inspectors depend a great deal on word-of-mouth advertising to spread the reviews of their services. If you’ve got family or friends who’ve recently purchased a home in the area, consulting with them about their home inspection experience could be a great way to begin the hunt for the inspector you need. If not, your real estate agent should have working knowledge of a few inspectors in the area with good qualifications and customer feedback. In any case, depending on your home searching team is a great way to weed out inspectors who aren’t good for your particular needs.

When interviewing potential inspectors, ask plenty of questions. The answers you receive should give you a better idea of the qualifications of each home inspector.

According to US News, there are seven important questions that you should ask each and every home inspector. Professional organization affiliation, professional background, years of experience and training, the average length of inspections, the main aspects of inspection, whether or not you can attend the inspection (this shouldn’t be a problem) and the type of report they provide are all major topics of discussion for interviewing professional home inspectors. If you’ve got other questions relating to your specific home search, don’t hesitate to let them know. Sometimes, the way a question is answered is just as revealing as the answer itself.
Protect your own interests by ensuring that your home inspector carries an errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policy. If there’s a problem with your inspection, you’ll probably need this policy to recoup potential losses.

Even the very best of home inspection professionals can make mistakes, so ensuring an insurance policy is in place to protect you in the event of an oversight is an important detail to consider. If a major issue is discovered after moving into your new home, an E&O insurance policy will allow you to get the costs needed to correct the problem without dealing with the possibility of a bankrupted inspector and a lawsuit. Having protection when making an investment as large as a new home is never a bad idea, so taking the extra time to ensure that a policy is in place could pay huge dividends in the future. If you’ve got any other questions or concerns regarding finding the perfect home inspector for your needs, depend on the knowledge and expertise of your real estate agent to guide you through.

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