Thursday, June 19, 2014

It Only Takes 6 Seconds To Break Into Your Home This Way

How Fast Can a Burglar Break In to Your Garage?

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Article by: Deirdre Sullivan

Published: March 14, 2014

     A recent video that’s gone viral shows how thieves can break in to your garage in just six seconds. But there are ways to prevent it from happening to you.

     A video that shows a burglar only needs a wire hanger and six seconds to break in to a garage has received nearly 1.5 million views on YouTube.

     Maybe that’s because garage door burglaries are on the rise in parts of the country, according to a variety of reports we found.

     We’re not saying this video is to blame, but it’s a good idea to button up when it comes to your attached garage. It’s the fourth most-common entry point for residential break-ins.

     What can you do? A few DIYs can secure your garage door:
  • Use a 1-by-4-inch piece of wood above your garage door to block a wire hanger. 
  • Thread a plastic zip tie through the door’s emergency release latch.
  • Get alerts from a smartphone garage door controller when your door is opened

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