Saturday, November 03, 2012

Buyers, Not Sellers at Showings

A delicate subject I sometimes have to approach with clients selling their home is the importance of steering clear of showings and open houses while prospective buyers are touring their home.

It can be touchy. After all, how do you kick someone out of their own house? Many buyers are anxious about the showing and open house process. They feel the need to hover in the wings, which I understand. There are several reasons why this is not the best idea.

Four Reasons Why Owners Sticking Around for a Showing/Open House is a Bad Idea:

1. I've had experiences where prospective buyers have actually passed on a showing once they've found out the current owners were home.

2. It’s important that buyers be able to visualize the home as "theirs already." They need to be able to imagine living in the house, which is pretty tough to do with the owners making a sandwich in the kitchen.

3. Presence of a seller makes the prospective buyer feel guilty for "judging" the home. If the buyer isn't given free range to evaluate the home, the doubt is enough to put them off the property entirely.

4. If all goes well, the buyer may want to stay for a time at the house and chat with the agent. This is a good sign (it means the buyer may be moving towards an offer), but with the seller present, it's all but impossible.

I try not to offend my clients when I ask them to understand these reasons. While I empathize with the nervousness that accompanies the sales process, my goal is the smooth sale of their home. A little space for the prospective buyers is an important ingredient.

Stress-free showings are just one part of my approach to marketing your home to sell. Get in touch and I’d gladly show you what else I can do to get you top dollar for your home - Jim Armstrong 978-394-6736

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jeffreyangley said...

these are the important guidance for the buyers who want to buy houses.
A little space for the prospective buyers is an important ingredient.

Jeffrey T. Angley, P.C.