Thursday, August 30, 2012

Title Problems That Can Kill Your Real Estate Closing|deed,appraiser

by Daniel Doran

There is a poster I keep in my office entitled “The real estate closing”, and it’s made up of three panels. The first panel has all of the participants in the closing sitting straight up in an orderly fashion in a rowboat with oars ready to get started. The appraiser, the lender, the real estate agents, the surveyor, etc are all there. The title closer is at the front of the boat with a megaphone and says “We’re all ready now. Start the closing.”

 The next panel shows everyone in the boat paddling hard in all different directions. The last panel shows them thrown all over the boat, hanging over the sides with the oars sticking up at all different angles and the title closer saying into the megaphone. “What time is good to reschedule?” Unfortunately this poster, while humorous, is all too often accurate. There are so many things that have to line up just right to have a successful real estate closing. One of the main things is getting clear title. Here are two of the most common title problems that can kill your deal.

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