Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Massachusetts Scrap Metal Law Passes House

A law that will require scrap metal dealers to obtain a photo ID from anyone that sell metal to them has finally passed  the House of Representatives today. This bill (and various forms of it) has been back and promoted by Massachusetts Realtors for the last few years because of the rash of copper thefts from vacant, and sometimes occupied, homes across the commonwealth. Many homes have been broken into by lowlifes who cut out all the copper pipes, tearing apart walls and leaving extensive destruction in their wake, including the flooding of the property in some cases. They then sell the copper to scrap metal dealers who give them cash for it. The rise in the price of copper (and scrap metal in general) has lead to a huge increase in this activity. It has gotten so bad that thieves are stealing manhole covers, iron fences, statues, and just about any metal that they can get their grubby hands on.

This law will require the scrap dealers to get a valid photo ID from anyone selling metal, and record their information along with a description of the metal they are selling. They must also hold onto any scrap metal for at least 24 hours before reselling it. It will make it illegal for any private citizen to sell metals that are obviously not household items such as manhole covers, metal bleachers, fire hydrants, etc. Currently someone can sell those items with no questions asked.

See more information on the law and scrap metal problem below:

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