Monday, August 08, 2011

Questions About Commissions and Contracts

How much does a real estate agent charge for commission? Is there a grace period in the listing agreement in case I change my mind?

By law commissions are negotiable. Each agent or company sets their own commission rate, and each one decides how much, if any they will negotiate. With our company it varies by each property. If a seller wants try "try" a higher selling price than we recommend, we charge a higher commission because it is going to take longer to sell the property. The same goes for properties that is going to be a short sale because it is a lot more work for us and takes longer to close. If the property is in a location that sells very quickly, and the seller listens to our expert opinion on listing price, we may consider lowering our commission.

Before you enter into a listing contract, make sure you really want to sell your home and do not just want to "test" the market. There is typically no "grace period" in a listing contract. However, just like other relationships, sometimes you find out it's just not a good match for the long haul. Make sure the agent (and broker/company) gives you an easy out option if you feel the agent is not meeting your expectations so you can move on (and get it in writing). But remember to give the agent you do choose a chance. Just because you don't receive an offer in the first week or month doesn't mean your agent isn't marketing your property correctly. This is a difficult, unpredictable market for even the most seasoned experts.

Good luck. Contact me through Trulia if you have any questions.

Jim Armstrong
Armstrong Field Real Estate

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