Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Armstrong Field Real Estate is Moving!

Received notice from Salem Five Bank (the landlord for my office) that they will not be renewing my lease at the end of February because they want to expand their call center. I said "Why don't you use the vacant space that is in your upper floors?" Evidently that is not in their master plan. I should have known when they didn't renew the lease for the other business that was next to me. Why would Salem Five use valuable ground floor space for a call center that does not have walk-in traffic? (doors are always locked). It is against everything that Salem is trying to do with their downtown - First floor space should be for retail or businesses that create foot traffic (ie: my business).

The good news is that I have found what is even better space then we have now. I'm currently negotiating the details of a lease. It has huge south facing windows, more space than what we currently have, plenty of storage, better parking, better visibility, restored antique hardwood floors and more.

The bad news is (besides the fact that I really hate moving) that it will cost a lot of money to build out and set up the space with a phone system, computers, desks, etc. Not to mention changing the address on everything. But with 4 new agents signing on this month (currently 18 agents) and more in the pipeline, it will be good to have the extra space. Plus I can build myself a office bigger than the 6'x7' space I am now using. Plus a game room (guitar hero competitions every Friday!), kitchen area, library, conference room and more.

Watch here for updates and our grand opening.

Jim Armstrong

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